Who is Made in Katana?

We started off making music videos and ended up in cryptocurrency. Work that one out. Seriously though, we’re not into labels. Digital agency, creative agency, production studio, sure. But let’s not limit this. We execute creative concepts using innovative design thinking. Meaning? Whatever you need done, we can do it. In style. Websites, social, branding, all of it, audio, podcasts, scores, content in its entirety. We kicked things off in Sydney, but now we’re worldwide. Need something done and want it done well? Best get in touch.

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Laura: +61 416 190 419
Adam: +61 405 440 735

Sydney Office
10 Bartley Street
Chippendale, NSW

Adelaide Office
2/216 33 Pirie St
Adelaide, SA



Made In Katana and eOne teamed up for the Insurgent challenge. Initiates took the Insurgent challenge to prove their allegiance to the widely popular divergent series.   Challenge #1: initiates selected words that best described themselves and to prove the divergence.   Challenge #2: initiates were then asked to pledge their allegiance to the cause and upload a selfie using the #insurgentwall hashtag, photos were displayed on the site via Instagram.   Challenge #3: required fans to share an Insurgent themed GIF via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.   Challenge #4: initiates were asked to choose one character as a companion to help them fight for survival.   Finally, Challenge #5: shatter your reality: fans were able to add a photo (via desktop or Facebook) of themselves into a pre-designed ‘shatter frame’ which had the Insurgent branding and buy message accompanying it.

Client: Entertainment One

Tags: Digital

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